June-update for the R&B-project

During this spring we have had two meetings to discuss analytical perspectives in our paper on the effects of COVID-19 on the arts and cultural sectors across the countries represented by our project team members. Our meetings are still digital, but hopefully during autumn we will have the chance to meet physically. We have also … Fortsett June-update for the R&B-project


Our project partner Christian Handke, from Erasmus University Rotterdam, has published a working paper together with Carolina Dalla Chiesa. The paper concerns how cultural economics provide a useful structure to explain much of the crowdfunding phenomenon. You can read the paper here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/349947496_THE_ART_OF_CROWDFUNDING_ARTS_AND_INNOVATION_THE_CULTURAL_ECONOMIC_PERSPECTIVE

Third meeting and Christmas toast

Digital meetings has been the norm for this project, although it reads from the minutes from this meeting that “we still miss people”. The third meeting was held on November 13th, and the main point was to keep everybody updated on the progress in the different work packages, as well as discussing analytical perspectives in … Fortsett Third meeting and Christmas toast

Background for the project

In 2014, Research Council Norway launched a new research programme, KULMEDIA. The programme was directed towards research on the culture and media sector, and it was partly funded by the Ministry of Culture. Before the launch of the programme, a number of reports and studies had underlined the need for research-based knowledge to enable policy … Fortsett Background for the project

Second workshop and meeting

The second general meeting in the project was also a digital one. This was held on June 4, and the main point of the meeting was to discuss the empirical strategy for WP1. This was the work package dedicated to analyse the knowledge and state of the art, regarding both policy and relevant research. All … Fortsett Second workshop and meeting

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