Project partners

Rapids and backwaters is an international and comparative project, including partners from eight different institutions and seven different countries.

The institution in charge of Rapids and Backwaters is Telemark Research Institute.
The researchers participating from TRI are the following: Ole Marius Hylland (PI), Mari T. Heian, Bård Kleppe, Trond Erik Lunder and Kristine P. Miland.

The University of South-Eastern Norway,
Associate professor Heidi Stavrum


Mid Sweden University,
Professor Katarina Gidlund


University of Lucerne,
Privatdozent Dr. Mira Burri

University of Glasgow,
Professor Kate Oakley

Erasmus University Rotterdam,
Associate Professor Christian Handke

The Institute for Development and International Relations (Croatia),
Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD

University of Barcelona,
Professor Arturo Rodríguez Morató