In September 2022 most of our research team members met at the 12th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research in Antwerp, Belgium. There were three papers presented from the project at the conference, in addition to a joint panel on Digital cultural policies.

Screen dump from the live recording of the panel, 21.09.22

You can read the abstracts for the papers under «Publications and presentations«.

The panel discussed the relation between national cultural policies and the digital turn, based on the project. The other participating institutions were University of Barcelona, IRMO (Institute of Development and International Relations, Zagreb) and University of Glasgow. European countries face great and similar challenges in the process of making their cultural policies coherent with a digital turn. What happens when cultural policy turns, or needs to turn, digital? A guiding question for this panel was whether national cultural policies, faced with digitization, have adapted or abdicated. In addition to describing, analysing and comparing different varieties of digital cultural policies, there was also an aim for this panel to discuss possible alternatives for future development of such policies. An ambition within any policy to ensure that there is room for manoeuvre for policy-makers; that the chosen tools and modes of action actually have influence. How can this be ensured within the field of digital and digitized culture?

The panel was recorded and can be viewed at the ICCPR-portal.

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